Map, Inkjet print, 63x84cm, 2011

Generic Landscapes I

Before the Tohoku area of Japan was affected by a severe earthquake on March 11th, 2011. I had visited the Tohoku area frequently for the Stained Ground project. A week after my arrival, I began to document how nature limited human activity. [SA1] The disastrous scenes, the aftershocks I experienced, and the blank faces of those left behind aroused conflicting emotions within me. However, soon after returning to New York City and during the process of selecting from hundreds of photographs, I experienced my fear and chaotic emotions from Japan disappearing at an alarming speed. After distancing myself from the disaster and adapting to my immediate environment, the pictures merely became ‘images’ and stopped conveying emotions or experiences. In this process, I chose images that were aesthetically appealing from the eye of a photographer and titled the project Generic Landscape.