001_Plate 1_ 2011_ Digital c-print_ 129x160cm.jpg


This series started with a picture that I took of a collapsed house in Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture, Japan after the disaster. I printed it and posted it on the wall of my studio, took a photo, posted the image and took another photo, and repeated the process until I had 48 photos and the image of the house was completely invisible in the final photo. I selected 20 of these and installed them in various locations in Korea and Japan. One of the photographs was left in the location of the original house.


The plates depict the mental and physical distance that the viewer has from what they see daily in the media. An image of a dilapidated house from a catastrophic event will evoke feelings of sadness in the viewer, but in truth the emotion they may have is fleeting and fake, as the viewer remains distant from the events and is unable to fully connect to the experience.